In Home Euthanasia

Arriving at the decision to put your beloved pet to sleep is very difficult.  It is a decision that only you and your family can make.  Our role at Country View Animal Clinic is to facilitate your decision and tailor the process to your specific needs.  We know that you have not come to this decision easily.  We try to bring to an unhappy time some comfort for you and your pet. 

Every person needs to deal with their pets final care in a way that they are most comfortable with.  You may be too stressed to be present when your pet is put to sleep or you may want to hold your pet during the process.  You may want to bring your pet to our clinic or you may want us to come to your home.  You may or may not want to see your pet after it passes.  We can accomodate these needs either at your home or at our veterinary clinic.

Our veterinarian has operated a mobile veterinary practice since 1991 and early on discovered how comforting it is for pet owners to experience in-home euthanasia for their pets.  About a year after she began her mobile practice, she lost her own beloved dog, Jamie.  Two of her colleagues offered to perform the final care procedure at their office and it was at that moment that she realized how much it meant to her clients to be able to have the veterinarian come to them for this important time in their pets journey.  Even after building her fixed base clinic, Dr. Zehner has continued to offer this service.

Country View Animal Clinic provides in-home euthanasia services to parts of the St. Louis, Jefferson and Franklin County areas.  Feel free to call and discuss these services with us at (636) 274-0410.