Country View Animal Clinic Tour



The staff of Country Animal Clinic prides itself in providing a unique, inviting, friendly environment for you and your pet (s).  We find that many of our patients are more relaxed and don't even realize that they are visiting the vet.  With our rural location, you enjoy a scenic country drive to our driveway.  There are no busy streets or buildings surrounding our parking area and the view of the surrounding area is breathtaking.  Feel free to take your dog on a brief walk before entering the clinic.  If your dog is bothered by other dog's presences, please let us know and we will put our 4-legged greeters up.


Country View Animal Clinic is a small full service clinic as it is located at Dr. Barbara Zehner's home.  Upon arriving, please come into our reception area.  You do not need to ring the bell unless there is no obvious activity in the clinic.  It only rings in the main house so we will not hear it if we are working in the clinic.  We work by appointment, so please be sure to schedule your visit.  We do make house calls as well, so may be on the road visiting clients if you arrive unexpectedly.


In our main work area, we perform examinations, do treatments, take X-Rays, and perform dentistry's and surgeries.  There are cages for hospitalization in the back of the clinic.  We have a full pharmacy and lab equipment and X-Ray with automatic processing.  You are able, if you like, to be with your animal throughout its examination.   If your pet needs to be hospitalized for treatment, Dr. Zehner is on premises and will see your pet frequently throughout the night.  If your pet needs 24 hour observation due to severe illness, we will refer you to a 24-hour veterinary hospital.  We strive to make you and your pet very comfortable and welcome during your visit to Country View Animal Clinic.


Our Mascots-Nelly, Wiebe and Mistersippi (our Hurricane Katrina refugee)