Animal Hospice Services: "Pawspice" for Your Pet

When your faithful friends enter their twilight years, show them your love and kindness through Country View Animal Clinic's "Pawspice Program", a hospice service for pets. Through pawspice services, we are able to do everything in our power to keep your pet comfortable and pain-free. Your companion can stay by your side with in-home services, or we can provide comprehensive care and monitoring at our clinic.

Contact us at (636) 274-0410 for complete details about our animal care and Pawspice services.

pawprint.pngWhy Animal Hospice?
Our animal care experts developed the pawspice program to nurture the human-animal bond. It encourages you to enjoy private moments with your terminally ill pet and teaches you to treasure the good parts of each day. We teach you to administer palliative treatments to soothe your pet at home.
pawprint.pngHow Pawspice Is Different
Unlike human hospice programs, when an animal enters pawspice no doors are closed. You are still able, either through our hospital or through specialty services, to continue to seek diagnostics and possible treatments or cures for your pet's condition.

pawprint.pngThe "HHHHHMM Scale"
We use a quality of life scale to help monitor your pet's progress in the Pawspice program. There are seven categories with a 0 to 10 scale. In order to feel that we are adequately maintaining your pet's quality of life, we like to see a 5 or better in each category. See our guide for evaluating your pet and filling out our quality of life scale for your pet.

pawprint.pngMaking the Hard Choices with You

We are here to comfort and guide you when discussing "the plan" for saying goodbye to your pet. You will make multiple plans in order to accommodate your ideal wishes in addition to contingency plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. Plan A, for example, may be that you would like your pet to fall asleep peacefully at home. Plan B may be that you would like your pet to receive its final care (euthanasia) at home. The professionals at Country View Animal Clinic will try to accommodate your wishes for your pet.  Visit our in-home euthanasia page for more information.

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