Pet Memorials

In Memory Of Saam Villmer

Of the many cats that have been dumped at my family's home,Saam had the distinction of being the first cat to show up with a carrier(broken), a note written in 1st- cat/person form explaining his circumstances, $5, and ziploc baggie of food. A big blue eyed boy with an even larger personality, he captured my heart immediately. My mom didn't really have the money to keep him but I convinced her to do so until there was room for him to come live with me. He was finally able to do that June 2011. This year he finally found the family he'd always dreamed about. Two orphaned/abandoned kittens joined our household this June. They adored him & he them. He was a cat loved by many & owned by none.


In Memory of Sadie Ashmore

Sadie, our beloved English bulldog, passed away 08/21/12 after 12 years, 4 months. Sadie blessed us with one puppy (Abby) who is fortunate to still be with us. Sadie was very loyal and devoted. She brought us much happiness and she is deeply missed by all of us. She will always be a part of our lives and her memory will carry on. Rest in peace our beloved Sadie - we love you and think of you each and every day. Thanks for all the joy you brought to us.